Rockstar ‘Handles’ Players Who Utilized Exploit In Grand Theft Auto Online

by AOTF Staff

Rockstar is known for being very  cheeky when it comes to certain matters, and it comes natural and is seen in some of their titles like Bully and primarily in Grand Theft Auto. However, they took it a step further to deal with players who have utilized an exploit to get cars that were meant for Grand Theft Auto V singleplayer in Grand Theft Auto Online.

As the Grand Theft Auto V Reddit community discovered this morning, the game was hotfixed this morning on all platforms to fix an exploit where players were able to take vehicles such as the very rare Duke O’ Death car (which is only available on current gen consoles to returning players from the previous generation version of GTA V) into Grand Theft Auto Online. The exploit was known for about the past 3-4 days but today, fans who decided to take a ride in ‘The Duke’ were treated to a shocking mafia style payback. Just as one fan realized first-hand in this Youtube video via xKoingWolfx.

Alright Rockstar, you win. This is too good, honestly if it happened to me I really wouldn’t even be upset. So if you see someone randomly explode in Grand Theft Auto Online, it is because they used the exploit.