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Rockstar hosting double RP Weekend in GTA Online August 1st-3rd


Beginning on August 1st and running through August 3rd, Rockstar is hosting a Double RP Weekend for GTA Online players.  All jobs and other activities will earn players double the experience points in GTA V, this includes playing game modes like Gang Attacks, Hold Ups, Import/Export, and others.

This weekend marks the last opportunity for players to pick up the Indpendence Day content as well.  This includes the Liberator monster truck, and various themed apparel.

Though for many GTA Online players, at this point RP is pointless venture.  Many players have already surpassed the 120 levels needed to attain the high-end items in the game.  Rockstar hasn’t yet added new content and unlockables for these players who’ve gone through the progression system in full.  Though those looking to level up a secondary or tertiary character, can do so this weekend.

GTA Online are still waiting patiently for Online Heists, which have now been pushing back considerably, when taking into consideration that Rockstar promised details on the mode months ago, having to issue a full apology as to their absence.

Perhaps Rockstar is saving all the new content for the upcoming current-gen and PC release of GTA V.   The high fidelity version of Rockstar’s latest is due to hit store shelves this “Fall”  for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, though no concrete release date has been announced.

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