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[Update] Battlefield 5 Reveal Event to be Held on May 6th

by Kyle Hanson


Update: DICE has confirmed the May 6th reveal date for Battlefield 5 via the game’s Twitter account.  Set aside some time Battlefield fans, the premiere is slated for May 6th, 2016 at 4PM EST/ 9PM BST.

The Battlefield 5 rumors are going strong today, with an earlier leak hinting at the release date and other info about the game. Now we have yet another bit of gossip, this time all about the official reveal of the game.

According to Twitter user Mashed8, who is well known as a Battlefield 4 YouTuber, invites have went out for a Battlefield 5 reveal event. The event is supposed to happen on May 6th, with other sources putting it at 8pm CET. There will supposedly be a livestream following, allowing the public to get their first good look at Battlefield 5.

Many questions still linger about BF5, such as what the setting will be, and how much it will differ from the more recent games. Some rumors put it in the future, taking pages out of Battlefield 2142’s playbook. Still, others are hoping for a return to the World War 2 setting, though rumors have suggested WW1 as a possibility. Shooters wore out their audience on WW2 shooters a few years ago, but a healthy break seems to have brought everyone back to the idea. Could Battlefield make a return to the past with this entry?

It will also be interesting to compare what Battlefield 5 does to its biggest competitor. Current rumors put the latest Call of Duty game as being titled Infinite Warfare, with some suggesting that it will be a remastering of the previous games in the Modern Warfare series. We still don’t know, but with a definite new entry coming for BF, it will be very intriguing if Call of Duty goes the remaster route. The rumors put the Call of Duty reveal first, so by the time we get BF5 news we should be able to compare more effectively.

Where do you want Battlefield 5 to go with the setting? Are you amped for another WW2 shooter, or are you still fatigued? Let us know in the comments.

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2018

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