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Rumor: Mass Effect Andromeda And New Star Wars Game Coming To Nintendo NX

by Damian Seeto


It looks like EA is going to support the Nintendo NX as big games such as Mass Effect Andromeda and a new Star Wars video game will be released for the console.

This rumor comes from a very convincing document that was posted on Reddit earlier today. Aside from the Battlefield 5 leaks, this new document shows other games that EA will announce at its EA Play event.

The big news is of course that the aforementioned Mass Effect Andromeda might be out for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and now the Nintendo NX. A game called Star Wars: Imperial Commando will also be out on the same platforms.

Another game coming out for the Nintendo NX is Command & Conquer: Tiberium. The Command & Conquer series has been dormant for many years, so it’s nice to see that EA plans to bring it back if this rumor turns out to be true.

Another new game that has been leaked, but won’t be out for the NX is Mercenaries 3. There will also be some kind of new Star Wars Battlefront DLC called “Force Conflict”.

Again, treat this news as a rumor until we get official confirmation from EA about it. Hopefully it turns out to be true, but sometimes rumors turn out to be elaborate hoaxes much like the NX controller images…

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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