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Rumor: Modern Warfare Remastered Will be Offered as Standalone Game

| September 17, 2016

Rumor:  Modern Warfare Remastered Will be Offered as Standalone Game News Rumors  Modern Warfare Remastered Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Call of Duty

Almost anyone that’s been a Call of Duty fan over the last decade is excited about this year’s release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. While Activision is pushing the game as something that can only be had by purchasing one of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s editions, a new rumor has surfaced that suggests that the game will possibly be made available as a standalone release at some point.

Many believed that the game would eventually arrive as a stand-alone release, but recent comments by the Director of Raven Studios are the first hints that it very well may. When recently speaking about the multiplayer map count for the game, Raven Studios’ David Pellas spoke with Game Reactor and made some curios comments in the interview.

“What we announced before today was that we were going to offer 10 maps on launch, and that’s still true,” Pellas said. “The announcement today is that the six remaining maps we are actually going to be delivering to anyone who purchases Modern Warfare Remastered, anyone who owns it or a version of Infinite Warfare that comes with it, they’re going to get all 16 of the maps for no additional cost.”

Pellas’ comments, or the wording that he used, suggests that there will be more than one way to get the game. Did the developer slip up and let the cat out the bag on a stand-alone version of Modern Warfare Remastered? It’s possible, but the wording on the Modern Warfare Remastered FAQ explicitly say otherwise.

The official FAQ says that the game “is only available through the Legacy, Legacy Pro, and Digital Deluxe versions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.” Furthermore, in a separate question which asks if you can play the remaster without buying Infinite Warfare, the FAQ uses an emphatic “No” in its wording.

We’ll have to wait and see if Pellas comes out and retracts these comments or explains that he misspoke, or whether Modern Warfare Remaster is ultimately released as a standalone title.

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  • Michael

    Unless Activision have recently decided they don’t like money there was never any doubt that this would be available as a standalone game.

  • Billy Brenders

    Still not buying ir if they don’t include all the DLC greedy bastards

  • Drojin

    Would have been nice if you gave credit to the OP on NeoGAF who put this together, which was obviously where your source for the article.