Square Enix Planning Final Fantasy XV-like Online Game

by Damian Seeto

Square Enix appears to be planning to develop an online game that is related to Final Fantasy XV in some way.

Square Enix has posted up a job vacancy listing that they are currently seeking an “Online Game Planner”. The job description that has been noted is the most interesting part about the listing.

The job listing said this person will be responsible for planning a “new online game related to Final Fantasy XV“. This person will oversee the development of the project and supervise work created by “external partner companies“.

Another interesting thing to take away from his job listing is that it says the preferred candidate should have an interest in PC gaming too. Final Fantasy XV itself has not been announced for PC yet, but it looks like this upcoming new online game will be on the PC.

It’s strange Square Enix would list details like this on a job application, despite making no prior announcement to an online game that is related to Final Fantasy XV. It remains to be seen if this is some kind of spin-off or just a different game entirely.

Hopefully Square Enix makes an official announcement on this later in 2015. For now, we are still waiting for the release date for the actual Final Fantasy XV game.