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Rumored Nintendo Switch Pro Is Supposedly Aiming For A Fall Release

Possibly will be revealed before E3 begins.

by Dean James


One of the worst kept secrets in the gaming industry right now seems to be the fact that Nintendo is working on some sort of new iteration of the Nintendo Switch. This will not be a full on follow-up system like the Switch was to the Wii U, but rather what many are calling a Pro version that would supposedly do 4K output among other enhancements. A lot of people had expected this might not be coming until early next year due to chip shortages and such, but it sounds like Nintendo is aiming for later this year according to a new report.

This information doesn’t just come from some random internet source either, even if some of the prior rumors have, but rather this one comes from Bloomberg courtesy of Takashi Mochizuki, who has long been giving us Nintendo scoops on hardware. According to this report, Nintendo is looking to start manufacturing this new Nintendo Switch model as early as July and then releasing sometime around September or October.

This model is expected to be sold alongside the Nintendo Switch Lite, with the original Switch models being phased out. No specific cost was given, but it is said to be more expensive than the base Nintendo Switch, which is $299.99 still. This price will be higher because the screen is said to be getting an upgrade to a 7-inch OLED screen and a much improved Nvidia chip that will allow for 4K output to your TV when docked.

While you might expect something like this to be announced at E3, this report and some others say that they’ve heard it may get revealed prior to the event, even as soon as the next few days. This would be so that developers could show off enhanced Nintendo Switch games for this new version that the original either could not handle at all or in a much lesser state. There is also no doubt that Nintendo would be taking advantage of this system with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, so we are really hoping to see a glimpse at that during E3.

As said above, none of this is anywhere near official at this point, but there are too many sources out there confirming this and Bloomberg wouldn’t put a report out if there wasn’t some truth within it. For now though, we’ll just have to wait until Nintendo finally reveals whatever they are going to call this Nintendo Switch “Pro.”

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