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Server issues persist for Sim City

by William Schwartz


The launch of Sim City has been completely spoiled for the most part by server issues. Issues that are hindering player ability to actually get in and play the game they just bought. After launching on Tuesday to a myriad of problems that ranged from long server queues to connectivity issues, Sim City fans that plunked down their hard-earned cash are still having trouble playing the game.

The worst part is, Sim City just launched globally, and users are reporting problems worldwide now. Sim City players in Australia are reporting issues accessing their native server, but it appears that some are finding luck by going outside of their region to access the game.

EA and Maxis have issued patches to the game recently, which have been said to be helping some of the connectivity issues that players were having in the United States. It’s probably not a green light for Sim City fans holding off on purchasing the title just yet. There are still a wide variety of issues that players are encountering, and they’ve taken to the EA/Origin support forums in droves, voiced their opinions on Twitter, and even “review bombing” the game on Metacritic because of the issues.

The team is obviously working hard to get this right. They’ve been providing periodic updates via Twitter, the last at the time of this writing was:

“We are working on the servers 24/7 – expect performance fluctuations. Our fans are our number one priority. Thank you for your patience.”

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