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Skybound Teases The Walking Dead: The Final Season News on Monday

An update on the game is coming soon.

by Dylan Siegler


Skybound Games, the company that has taken over production of The Walking Dead: The Final Season after the closure of Telltale Games, has recently taken over the abandoned Telltale Games social media pages, which had gone unused since the company’s majority studio closure last September. In a post directed towards Telltale fans who may not know about the company’s closure, Skybound promises an update on the game’s development next week.

Telltale Games’ various social media pages recently posted a statement from Skybound Games, expressing gratitude for fans’ feedback on the recently released Episode Three of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, the first episode to come out since Skybound took over the project. The statement also mentions that fans can expect an update about the game this coming Monday, February 4.

For those not caught up on the story of Telltale’s closure, or who may be unaware of it altogether, here is a brief summary of events: Last September, Telltale announced a majority studio closure, which saw the company firing about 250 employees without severance, while a skeleton crew of about twenty stayed to finish Telltale’s contractual obligations to its partners. Shortly after this, Telltale filed for bankruptcy and is now officially defunct. Telltale was working on a number of projects at the time, including The Wolf Among Us Season 2, a Stranger Things game, and a completely original IP, all of which have now been canceled. The company was also in the middle of developing The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which already had an episode release before the majority studio closure and was set to release the second episode just days after the closure. Since the second episode was already finished, it was released on schedule, but the fates of the remaining two episodes of the season were unknown until The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s company Skybound negotiated to resume development of the game and finish Clementine’s story. Skybound’s games division hired many of the developers who had been working on the game at Telltale to finish it. The third episode was released last month and the fourth and final episode is scheduled for release on March 26.

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