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Smite Set To Add Da Ji And Egyptian Event In The Near Future

by | @Beanz3MP1 | on March 13, 2017

As the impending release of Smite’s latest revealed character, Cernunnos on the horizon. It’s only a matter of time we get to know who is set to be released afterwards aside from the recently hinted Hindu pantheon god, Ganesha.

Thanks to hard working people over at Smite Datamining, we find exactly who will be the character to be added in the month of May. Which is none than Da Ji, an deity from the Chinese pantheon. While there’s a few versions of her in literature, one thing in common with Da Ji is where she gets possessed by the nine-tailed fox. Meaning that Hi-Rez Studios will include the nine-tailed fox is some shape or form in her kit.

For those who played such games as Warriors Orochi, may find remember the name of Da Ji. As she makes an appearance throughout the series as Orochi’s strategist. Including an appearance in Warrior’s Ultimate Orochi 3 which was made available for free in the month of August should remember the name as well as Da Ji also makes an appearance there.

Aside from Da Ji being added sometime in May with the 4.8 patch, we will also be getting another in-game event that’s centered around a specific pantheon. As the Egyptian pantheon is set to receive an in-game event that’s set to include the following items:

  • Egyptian Event Reward Bundle:
    • Loading Frame
    • Loading Screen
    • Music Theme
    • Pedestal
  • Egyptian Event Theme
  • Celestial Portal
  • Neith Skin
  • Anhur Skin
  • Khepri Skin
  • Bastet Skin
  • Thoth Skin *

*Possible final reward for the event.

It should also be noted that while Hi-Rez Studios is constantly adding new content in the form of Smite Adventures such as the recently release Capture The Flag mode in the Valley Of Victory patch. This event seems to be completely separate and the next “adventure” to be added will be some kind of racing mode that will involve Thor in some way.

Finally, the last bit of information discovered by the dataminers also reveal that the upcoming Poseidon remodel is a lot closer to be released than people think. As some of the game files mention patch 4.5 when it Poseidon’s name comes up. If true, it seems we’ll get our first look at Poseidon’s remodel next week during the bi-weekly patch notes show.

Smite is a free-to-play MOBA that’s available on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platform.

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