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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Trophies Revealed

There are 44 achievements to unlock.

by Gavin Burtt


The Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 trophies have been released for PlayStation, and we’ve got the full list here. After the game’s PlayStation release was delayed due to technical issues, CI Games pledged to deliver the first major DLC for free to all players. This franchise has a lot to make up for after the mediocre-at-best Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, so hopefully this future DLC doesn’t disappoint. The release date was originally planned for June 4th, 2021, when it released for Xbox and PC, but has been pushed back to August 24th.

The Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 trophies are identical to the Xbox achievement list, with an added staple platinum trophy, to bring a grand total of 44 trophies. There are 24 bronze, 17 silver, two gold, and the one platinum trophy, and nine of the trophies are hidden. We will have the descriptions for the hidden trophies as well, though be warned that they may provide story spoilers.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Trophies


This is the full list of all 44 PlayStation trophies.

  • Legend (Platinum)
    Unlock all trophies
  • New Toy (Bronze)
    Unlock 1 Weapon
  • Full Arsenal (Silver)
    Unlock all Sniper Rifles
  • Better Safe Than Sorry (Silver)
    Unlock all Secondary Weapons
  • Small and Lethal (Silver)
    Unlock all Sidearms
  • First Payday (Bronze)
    Buy your first skill
  • Full Potential (Gold)
    Buy 54 skills
  • Finders Keepers (Bronze)
    Find your first Collectible
  • Hoarder (Silver)
    Find all of the Collectibles
  • Mirage (Bronze)
    Complete Zindah Province
  • Desert Storm (Silver)
    Complete Zindah Province at the Highest Difficulty in a single playthrough
  • Take the Nerd Down (Bronze)
    Complete Mount Kuamar
  • The Gun is the Best Hacking Tool (Silver)
    Complete Mount Kuamar at the Highest Difficulty in a single playthrough
  • Convict freed (Bronze)
    Complete The Tajmid Heights
  • Genuine Professional (Silver)
    Complete The Tajmid Heights at the Highest Difficulty in a single playthrough
  • Castling (Bronze)
    Complete Rashida Qalat
  • King of The Castle (Silver)
    Complete Rashida Qalat at the Highest Difficulty in a single playthrough
  • Meeting Cancelled (Bronze)
    Complete Maladh Wadi
  • Deadly Efficient (Silver)
    Complete Maladh Wadi at the Highest Difficulty in a single playthrough
  • Employee of the Year (Gold)
    Complete all Mission Contracts
  • [SECRET] Sunshine Roof (Bronze)
    Kill Antwana Zarza while he is in a vehicle
  • [SECRET] Sniping the Sniper (Bronze)
    Kill Ronald Payne after he takes up a sniping position
  • [SECRET] Patience is key (Bronze)
    Kill Novikov while he’s inspecting a damaged Antenna
  • Check (Silver)
    Escape the Server Room ambush without being detected
  • [SECRET] Caravan (Bronze)
    Kill everyone from all of the reinforcement waves during the Oil Field contract
  • [SECRET] Karma (Bronze)
    Lead the prisoner to safety without raising the alarm
  • [SECRET] Lethal Business (Bronze)
    Provoke both targets to escape and kill them before they do so
  • Long Live the Queen (Silver)
    Retrieve the security chips without killing Bibi
  • [SECRET] Fatal Accuracy (Bronze)
    Kill Taj Taheer in the car with a headshot
  • [SECRET] Discreet (Bronze)
    Kill the Target and the other Suspects without raising the alarm
  • [SECRET] Single Shot Killer (Bronze)
    Kill each Suspect with a single bullet, hitting the body, during the alarm
  • Full House (Bronze)
    Kill at least 1 of each enemy type in the same mission
  • Thrifty Shooter (Bronze)
    Kill 2 enemies with the same bullet
  • Lock, Stock, and Barrel (Bronze)
    Kill 2 enemies using an explosion
  • Turret Operator (Bronze)
    Kill 5 enemies in the same mission using the Sentry Turret
  • Spectre (Bronze)
    Be within 2 meters of an enemy for 10 seconds without being detected
  • Venom (Silver) 
    Kill any contract target using your drone’s poison rifle
  • One Trick Pony (Bronze)
    Finish a Contract using only sniper rifles
  • Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (Bronze)
    Kill 2 enemies with a grenade
  • Quick and Discreet (Silver) 
    Kill 5 enemies in 1 minute without raising the alarm
  • Look, but Don’t Touch (Silver) 
    Finish all Contracts in a Region without ever taking damage from enemies
  • One Shot One Kill (Silver) 
    Complete a contract when every time you hit the enemy is a kill
  • Lungs of Steel (Silver) 
    Kill 5 enemies while holding your breath with Stamina Booster active
  • Distance Doesn’t Matter (Silver) 
    Land a shot from over 1300m away

Players looking to unlock all of the Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 trophies will certainly hit a few speedbumps along the way. The “Full Potential” trophy for buying 54 skills will likely be your most difficult unlock, while miscellaneous trophies such as “Single Shot Killer”, “Karma”, and “Venom” will prove to be very tricky. If you have completed the first title, this one should be fairly comparable in difficulty, certainly not a freebie, though you can expect some future DLC trophies to give you extra work.

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