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Sony investigating the latest PSN outage

by William Schwartz


Alongside the release of PS4 System Update 2.0, many users have been experiecing issues connecting to the PlayStation Network today. Sony has acknowldeged the downtime, and is investigating the PSN outage.

According to the @AskPlayStation Twitter account, “We’re aware some of you are unable to connect to the PSN at this time. We are investigating the issue.”

Connection to the PlayStation Network has been hit and miss all day, and while there have been a smattering of reports announcing a widespread outage, some appear to be able to connect to the network just fine.

Social Media channels have been clogged with messages from angry PSN customers throughout the day, but it appears that those who utilize the free PlayStation Network on the PlayStation 3 are having less issues than the actual paying customers. It’s unclear of the extent to which this is the case, but there have been numerous claims on various channels relaying this information.

- This article was updated on:October 28th, 2014

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