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Square-Enix Announces 3-Day Interactive Reveal On Twitch From Western Studio, Project CKP

by William Schwartz


Square-Enix is set to reveal a brand new western developed title dubbed Project CKP.

The ‘three-day interactive experience’ was announced via the Square-Enix Twitter account. Fans are encouraged to join the Twitch stream next week on Monday, April 6th which will set in motion the reveal of Project CKP. Everything is pretty vague at this point but hopefully we will hear more as the project is revealed. It is a bit interesting that it will be from one of their western studios, the only thing I can guess is that the chair reminds me of the final mission in the original Hitman: Codename 47 game in the lab. Other than that, it can honestly be anything. Hopefully it is the first movement on what the next entry in the Deus Ex Universe, my money is on Hitman 6 seeing as IO Interactive released a letter to fans back in January 2014 and the first concept image released last May, the timing is right for a reveal.

It seems as if we will have to just wait until next week to find out what Project CKP really is. I guess the only thing that is for sure is that we all hope this isn’t an elaborate mobile game reveal. Tune into Square-Enix’s Twitch channel on Monday, April 6th to get the first clue as to what one of their western studios are working on.

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