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Square Enix Knows A Release Date For Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

by Damian Seeto


Square Enix knows the release date for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD already, but isn’t wanting to announce it publicly yet.

Gamespot had a chance to interview Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’s director Hajime Tabata recently. One of the interesting parts of the interview is that he admitted the game is a “packaged title” and that “we have a release date”. However, they are choosing not to announce the release date for the game just yet. Tabata did reveal in another interview earlier that the game is “80% complete”.

It’s good to know Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has a release date as this will ease fears of a delay for the game. Western gamers have had to wait a long time to play the game since the original PSP version was never localized. The HD remake for PS4 and Xbox One consoles will be their first taste for the game. Being that it’s a “packaged title”, the game will still have a $60 price tag.

During the same interview, Tabata explains they are still focusing on the console versions of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. They wanted to release the game “quickly” which is why a PS Vita or PC version wasn’t prioritized. He said a PC version is “up for discussion”, but didn’t share anything more on it.

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