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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Has Gone Gold

by Kyle Hanson


Star Wars Battlefront 2 has gone gold ahead of release, EA and DICE announced early this morning. This is an important and essential step in any video game release, marking the shift away from principle game development and toward post-release support. With a multiplayer focused shooter like this, that change can be very important, and getting there with a couple of weeks to go before release is good news for everyone.

As with any big AAA release these days, it’s almost certain that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will feature a day 1 update, though the size and significance can vary quite a bit. While the final code of the game has been set, with discs being printed for console releases, it’s rare for a game to stay in that state for long.

This, of course, means that “gone gold” has changed in meaning from the days of cartridges and unchanging game experiences. And yet, gamers celebrate this as it is still a very key moment in the game’s development. It’s also a big moment for the developers themselves who can celebrate the work they’ve put in over the last few years, and get ready for the game to launch. That’s where the real test is, when thousands or millions of gamers get their hands on it to decide if it all added up to a fantastic game.

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