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Steam Greenlight will fade away as Valve evolves

by William Schwartz


Steam Greenlight has proven to be a popular method of bringing independent games to market in recent months. However, it doesn’t appear that Valve is banking on this program to bring them into the future. In fact, when Gabe Newell addressed developers at the Steam DevDay Summit, he told them that changes within his company would eliminate the program entirely.

“Our goal is to make Greenlight go away,” said Newell. Tweets coming out of the conference have relayed the information, but don’t take that comment the wrong way. Valve isn’t against the Greenlight program, it’s because Valve will evolve to remove the blocks between development and publishing on Steam.

Tomas Rawlings, designer on Call of Cthulhu tweeted from the conference. “Greenlight will fade away as the blocks between development and publishing on Steam are removed”

This transitional period could take a little time, but it appears that Valve’s Steam platform is aiming to be the friendliest platform for small studios to self publish their games on, with as little barrier to entry as possible.

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