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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Story Mode Revealed

It's called World of Light, and it's huge

by Kyle Hanson


The Super Smash Bros. series may be multiplayer focused, but that hasn’t prevented it from dabbling in single player campaigns in the past. While the last entry may have skipped it, for the most part, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks to be diving head first into the single player story mode with World of Light.

Newly announced during today’s Nintendo Direct, World of Light is the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate story mode that fans have been anxiously waiting for any shred of info on. This story mode looks quite impressive, especially since many wouldn’t have blinked if it was excluded entirely. Smash Ultimate already has tons of content in its multiplayer components, and this series has left this out in the past.

But that’s not what Nintendo is doing at all, instead giving us what looks like a massive and robust single player. Series creator Masahiro Sakurai seemed to hint that the story mode would actually give some explanation for how these many varied characters ended up together in the same world. As the video then showed, players will explore an overworld map, unlock character spirits, and play through a full campaign of some kind.

Hopefully we learn more about this new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate story mode, because this initial tease was pretty crazy.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – World of Light

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