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New super-slim PS3 will reportedly not be revealed at Gamescom

by William Schwartz


Despite all of the signs that pointed toward a Gamescom 2012 reveal of the rumored “super-slim” PS3, a source has told VG247 that the PS3 redesign will not be debuted at the show, as stock levels of the current build are apparently too high.

As reported previously, the rumored slimmer PS3 would be categorized under “4000 series” as opposed to the current 3000 series currently being produced. Photos of the console appeared on Anatel (the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications) and displayed an updated PS3 model with a ridged surface.

The source did confirm however that the initial reports are not fabricated, and that there is indeed a 16GB version of PS3-4000 on its way. Based on flash memory, the model will reportedly seek to compete against the 4GB Flash-based Xbox 360. The PS3-4000 will also have a flip-lid disc input and low-capacity storage. Additionally, the source implies that when Sony does in fact release an official announcement, the company may also implement a significant price cut to go along with it. We’ll update this story should Sony release any sort of confirming statement.

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