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Surprise, Valve does not announce Half Life 3 at CES

by William Schwartz


Valve hosted a brief press conference tonight at CES, dedicated solely to the announcement of their Steam Machine hardware partners.  Rumored earlier today, it turns out that the leaked information was completely accurate as to who’s making Valve sanctioned PCs, dubbed “Steam Machines”.

Valve didn’t reveal much about the initiative, and deferred to the hardware partners themselves to push their wares.  These systems will come in a number of different shapes and sizes, hardware specs, and prices.

With Gabe Newell delivering the brief presentation, he did note that Steam Controllers will be sold seperately, and that other hardware manufacturers will be selling their own Steam controllers.  Right now, Valve seems to be focused on strengthening the Steam OS that will be found on these Steam Machines.  Newell says that Valve is working hard to make the development tools better on the platform, so that more game developers will support the operating system.

Look for more information about these Steam Machine machine specs and prices as they are revealed throughout the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

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