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System Shock Remake Releases in Summer 2021

The classic's remake is finally going to release, hopefully.

by Shawn Robinson


While it’s quite amazing to see all the huge advances games have made in the past few years, it’s important to understand the early beginnings as well. Much older games paved the way for the titles we have today, something we should always be thankful for. One such game that paved the way is the original System Shock, a title that, while having the accessibility of a graphing calculator, offered something that truly pushed the genre forward. For some of the younger audiences out there (shoutout to the fellow 2000 babies), the team at Nightdive Studios has just the thing for you. System Shock Remake, a full overhaul of the original title for modern systems, finally releases in the Summer of this year. You can check out the brand new teaser trailer below.

For those unaware of this classic, System Shock follows the story of an unnamed hacker sent to Citadel Station, a massive orbital space station following his attempts to hack TriOptimum, the company behind the station. The worst of all? You’ve awoken from a six-month healing coma to find the station overrun with mutants and cybernetically enhanced monsters that want nothing more than to take you down. All of these are controlled by the station’s AI, SHODAN, who’s pointing the station’s mining laser at Earth. Will you be able to prevent her destruction of the planet?

Seeing as this is a remake, much of the game has been changed to fit more mature audiences while honoring the original vision. Everything from the UI, to the enemy AI, to weapons, and much more has been changed to honor more modern game design methods. In essence, you shouldn’t have to pull out a manual to play the game anymore. That’s not to mention the insane beauty being shown, with the game looking quite horrific due to new lighting techniques. If this all sounds intriguing, you can pre-purchase System Shock Remake off Steam right now! Those who pre-purchase will receive System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition once it’s available.

Are you a gaming veteran who played the original System Shock, or are you like me and seeing the game for the first time? Let me know in the comments below.

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