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Tachanka Rework Coming to Rainbow Six Siege

The Lord is dead; long live The Lord!

by Brandon Adams


Tachanka has been the meme-lord of Rainbow Six Siege for years, a status Ubisoft seemed unwilling to change. That comes to an end soon, however, because The Lord is finally receiving a rework, though his legendary following will likely remain.

Tachanka rework will make his turret gun a primary weapon, and give him an incendiary grenade launcher.

That’s right, the RP-46 Degtyaryov will no longer be bound to a turret and instead become a primary weapon for Tachanka, and Tachanka alone. Footage of the rework was shown during the RS6 Invitational, and Ubisoft demoed the weapon cutting holes into soft walls, opening up some new rotations for the stalwart defender.

That means The Lord needs a new gadget, and Ubi is blessing Tachanka with an incendiary grenade launcher, allowing him to block off routes or force chokepoints. Yep, he shared notes with Capitão, though the bounce of the grenades should spice things up.

This Tachanka rework has been a long time coming. The infamous yet beloved Rainbow Six Siege operator didn’t really fit with the design of Siege’s maps, and popping his turret was a damn fine way to get him killed. Now Tachanka can roam with his pet Degtyaryov, and can bring a gadget into the fight that is less liable to see him murdered when it’s deployed.

No hard timeline was given for the rework’s debut, but considering Siege is looking to not only become cross-generational with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but will eventually embrace cross-play and cross-progression, The Lord’s rework is one of many things to look forward to in Siege’s near future.

- This article was updated on:February 16th, 2020

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