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Tales Of Xillia 2 Save Data Unlocks Revealed

by William Schwartz


The ‘Tales Of’ franchise is one of the most popular RPG’s that can be categorized as JRPG in the west. It has a long devoted fan base and plenty of titles, so it is only right that Bandai Namco rewards those fans with every subsequent release.

Those who decide to pick up Tales Of Xillia 2 when it releases next week will be happy to know that if they were able to keep their previous game saves they will be rewarded with in-game items similar to those available to Japanese gamers. This was previously unconfirmed that we would get the same or different rewards for keeping our saves. Below is a short breakdown of each title and what you get if you kept a save and on some there is likely a reward for having a clear save  as well. They are all accessories that do not add any bonuses to your character and are just for decoration.

Tales Of Xillia Save–  Mini Jude Doll Accessory

Tales Of Xillia Clear Data– Mini Milla Doll Accessory

Tales of Graces F Save Data– ‘Huggable’ Sophie Doll Accessory

Tales Of Vesperia Save Data– Mini Yuri Doll Accessory

Tales Of Xilla 2 is set to release exclusively on Playstation 3 on August 19th in North America. Check back then for our review.

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