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Tekken 7 Is Being Developed With eSports In Mind

by Damian Seeto


eSports has become very big over the years as many professional gamers are getting a lot of money from it. Tekken 7 is being made to appeal to the eSports players.

Tekken Gamer had chance to interview Bandai Namco’s Michael Murray. He talked extensively about the way the game has been made for hardcore gamers.

He said: “Quite a lot. Harada and I are the only ones from the team to be able to go to EVO and these other tournaments, but we always take back ideas about how to improve the game to make it more exciting at these type of events. Critical Arts, the dynamic camera work, and slo motion when trading blows, are some of the game mechanics specifically resulting from this.

Tekken is extremely fun for those playing, but spectators who don’t have much knowledge about the game are often left out of the excitement. We wanted to get people interested in watching the game, so maybe they might be convinced to try it out. And I think we are starting to see results from some of these features.

Sadly, Murray avoided a lot of other questions about Tekken 7. He didn’t want to say if the Kid Kazuya is playable in the game and nor did he mention about any new game modes or DLC plans.

The game will be out in early 2017 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Murray did confirm there are no plans to port the game over to Mac.

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