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The Medium is Getting Ray Tracing and DLSS at Launch

This world of horrors is about to get a lot more real.

by Shawn Robinson


For those excited about Bloober Team’s upcoming psychological horror title The Medium, your excitement is about to increase tenfold. Announced at NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX: Game On event, the developers of the game are introducing ray tracing and deep learning super sampling (DLSS) when it releases on January 28 for PC and Xbox Series X/S. The team showcased everything to expect from this new partnership in the game’s latest trailer below.

As you can tell from the video, ray tracing really gives The Medium that further immersion into its world. Everything displays much more realistic reflections throughout dilapidated hallways and pristine objects. For example, at around 24 seconds you can see some beautiful display frames that reflect beautifully, to the point of almost feeling scarily real (guess that’s convenient for a horror game). It only benefits the game’s more surreal, supernatural moments to instill a level of fear no other game can pull off.

That’s not to mention the DLSS experimental feature, something that’ll drastically improve the performance of The Medium on higher-end systems. For those who are unaware of the technology, DLSS creates an experience similar to that of higher resolutions through the power of AI. This means you can have something like 1440p visuals while running the game at 1080p for example. All of this is done without hurting your performance anywhere near as much. For those with nicer monitors, that’s something worth running home about.

It’ll be exciting to see how The Medium uses these two fantastic technologies to further accentuate its horror thrills. If you want a refresher, The Medium is a psychological horror title following the story of a medium, someone capable of traveling between the real world and spirit world. Don’t take its name for granted though, as the spirit world is filled with grotesque horrors that’ll send chills down your spine. As this medium, will you be able to answer a dark mystery and avoid those who would seek to end you?

The Medium releases on PC and Xbox Series X/S later this month.

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