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The Sausage Party’s Over: Female Models Coming to Rust


In a jam-packed post, Rust developers Facepunch Studios have spoken about the key aspects of their survival game’s latest update, as well as their plans for updates to come. The first cab off the rank is the announcement that female models have officially been added to the game.

While not fully implemented yet, all server admins will spawn with the female model. Once added to the game fully, your character’s gender will be generated based on your Steam ID, just like other physical attributes currently are. Founder Garry Newman anticipated and responded to potential community complaints about this.

To clear up some confusion, when we it does go live you won’t get a choice of whether you’re female or male. We’re not “taking the choice away” from you. You never had a choice. A man’s voice coming out of a woman’s body is no more weird than an 8 year-old boy’s voice coming out of a man’s body.

As well as this, Facepunch Studios have indicated that they plan to introduce Steam marketplace integration to Rust, so that purely cosmetic items can be traded and sold among players. Blueprints for these cosmetic items will be awarded randomly, based on playtime, and once owned can be used to craft cosmetics across any server you join.

While it would be doing the rest of this sprawling patch/progress report an injustice to summarize it, each developer’s input includes a couple of bulleted notes, as follows:

Devblog 69 Patch Notes

  • Fixed network issue which meant corpses and dropped items were showing at their spawn positions on the client.
  • Thrown spears return to the belt bar when picked up.
  • AntiCheat bans are livetweeted to @rusthackreport.
  • Wood armor good protection vs melee & explosions.
  • Bone armor has *very* good protection against most melee and is vulnerable to blunt & stabbing attacks.
  • Both sets are default blueprints :),
  • Some of the armor slightly hovers over the player – will be mitigated next week.
  • Some of the icons (namely bone) are WIP.
  • Improved landing, fall damage, grounded and sliding detection.
  • Made jump and sprint blocking after landing feel more natural.
  • Fixed various situations that could cause jumping weirdness.
  • Added climbing state between grounded and sliding where the player can hold its position and move sideways but not upwards.
  • Changed slope speed adjustment to mostly affect sprinting speed.
  • Fixed wobbliness/bounciness when trying to move up a step that’s slightly too high to move up.
  • Improved ground normal detection.
  • Removed some deprecated and very limiting foundation placement checks which are now handled by the new systems we added over the last few weeks.
  • Fixed decal shader on DX9.
  • Also fixed a water2 bug on NVIDIA cards running in DX9, showing some weird random lines instead of an opaque layer of water.
  • Most of the ambient sounds have also been cleaned up and improved now.

Rust was released into Steam Access on Steam on December 11, 2013. Currently, there is no available date for its full release.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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