Titanfall 2 Could Have A Proper Campaign And More Weapons

by Damian Seeto

When Titanfall was released, many people were disappointed about a lack of a proper campaign. This could change for the release Titanfall 2.

The EXL Podcast interviewed Abbie Heppe who is Respawn Entertainment’s community manager. She spoke more about what the studio has in mind for Titanfall 2.

The EXL Podcast asked Heppe if Titanfall 2 will have a proper campaign and also more weapons as well. Heppe didn’t say anything too specific, but she did hint that Respawn Entertainment is always listening to the fans.

Heppe said that the studio have “heard the feedback” and that knows what “the core of what Titanfall is“. She elaborated that it’s better working on a sequel because now Respawn Entertainment already has all the assets and the engine in place. Now they can build from that to make the second game even bigger and better.

She ended her talk about Titanfall 2 that the game will be something to “get excited about“. If you were disappointed by the first game, it sounds like the sequel is going to add a lot more content from the sounds of things.

The first Titanfall game was well received, although it was lacking in content. It sounds like Respawn Entertainment is looking to add more content in Titanfall 2 for players to play the game longer.