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Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge Release Date Announced in SDCC Video

| July 25, 2014

Titanfall: Frontier's Edge Release Date Announced in SDCC Video News  Titanfall: Frontier's Edge Titanfall

The new expansion pack Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge will be released on July 31st according to developer Respawn Entertainment. This is the same date that Titanfall Update 5 drops, bringing with it a marketplace for Burn Cards and Insignia. Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge will add three new maps, all taking place on the outer edges of the Titanfall universe.

The announcement was made during a livestream from San Diego Comic-Con, which can be viewed in its entirety below. During the hour long stream you’ll get a look at the three new maps, as well as the changes coming from Titanfall Update 5.

The three maps are called Dig Site, Haven, and Export. They each feature new and unique elements to the Titanfall experience. For example, Haven has large mountains that can be traversed, and used as high ground against enemies. It also contains traps that can be triggered to clear out small sections of the map.

Many have complained that the expansion packs only contain maps, and not weapons or additional gamemodes. Respawn Entertainment has made it clear that all enhancements to the game will be given out for free, aside from the maps. This seems like a better situation for gamers, since you only have to pay for the expansion if you want maps, and other items are not locked away behind a pay-wall.

New gamemodes are currently making their way through the rotation, with Marked for Death currently available for play. A 2v2 Titan match is coming soon called Wingman. More modes will come later, but have not been announced at this time. Daily Challenges will also be released with Update 5, which will likely tie into the rotating gamemodes.

Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge joins the previous map pack Titanfall: Expedition which released a few months ago. Check out our review of the original game, or the expansion to see if Titanfall is right for you. Titanfall is available on PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge can be purchased by itself for $9.99, or as part of the Season Pass, which will give you all three planned expansions, for $24.99.

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  • JCheezy

    6 people care. I’ve never played a game that was as fun as this that only lasted 1 month then got super boring.

  • ALightningBoldt

    I have been in love with competitive FPS (console only) since Goldeneye 64. I have played my fair share of them so my skills are well above average. I honestly think this is the most balanced cFPS I have played. I’m Gen6 and still play every night with the little free time I have. Based on my 100+hours of experience with this game, I would like to recommend titanfall to anyone out there like me that loves cFPS. It does so many things well. The fast, fluid movement is makes maneuvering around the map fun and adds an element of skill in movement not found in other similar games. The maps are so well designed and balanced for both pilots and titans. Pilots and titans are controlled similarly, yet they offer two completely different styles of play to master if you want to be good. Which you will if you love competitive FPS and you get addicted to them like me. This game will change the way you think about FPS. I have been playing the Destiny beta for the past two days and it has been fun but It felt slow and I kept finding myself trying to run on walls so I switched back to titanfall and I couldn’t be happier. This game does not get boring. Every match is heart pounding, exciting action. I can’t say enough praise for this game as you can see from this long comment. TItanfall is a masterpiece cFPS and just keeps getting betteR.Highly recommended!

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