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Titanfall PC install has 35GB of uncompressed audio

by William Schwartz


While Titanfall’s hefty PC install size has been common knowledge for a few weeks, we’ve been left to ponder the ratio of file types in the final package. Late last week, mouse-and-keyboard gamers began preloading the multiplayer shooter on EA’s Origin service, and Escapist forum poster Mr.Tea made a startling discovery.

After downloading all the necessary ingredients, Origin goes on to unpack its game files and build the full directory. In doing this, nearly 35GB of uncompressed audio files are shoved into the hard drive with a force of a thousand freight trains. What could a multiplayer-only game possibly do with that much audio?

The answer seems easy enough to fix, but try telling that to the bruised buyers who already punched their tickets to Pound Town. The Origin download includes all of Titanfall’s language files, and at the time of this writing, there is no way to select a preferred language and circumvent this whole mess.

All things considered, Titanfall’s PC install size is a whopping 50GB, while its Xbox One counterpart is only 20GB. At least we know this discrepancy isn’t due to visual differences.


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