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Titanfall looking to reward strategy over twitch reflexes

by William Schwartz


Titanfall might be coming from the team that made Call of Duty, but they certainly don’t want the game to be another shooter cut from the same cloth. Respawn Entertainment says that Titanfall will be different than Call of Duty in the fact that it’s not a game that’s all about who’s quickest to aim. In a recent interview with Edge, Titanfall producer Drew McCoy explains that their game is more about maneuvering around the map better than your opponent.

It’s a response to the fact that our reaction times aren’t what they used to be

“It’s not boom-you’re-dead, boom-you’re-dead. Because you move so fast, it’s not about who [aims quickest]; it’s about who outmaneuvers the other. I think it’s a response to the fact that we’re all getting older and our reaction times aren’t what they used to be.”

With that being the case, this philosophy trickles down into other aspects of the game, and will intentionally make the game more accessible, even if you didn’t go out and play it on day one.

“I want to hop into a game and not feel like every 14-year-old is going to dominate me,” says McCoy. “I want a fighting chance and I don’t want to feel I’m screwed if I didn’t get in on the first week.”

It’s been hard to get a feel for this type of gameplay in what Respawn has shown of the game so far. Even their most recent gameplay videos show a game that looks fast-paced and hectic. Though our first impressions of the shooter from EB Expo left us “thoroughly enthralled”.

The Xbox/PC title is slated to arrive in 2014, but no concrete release date has been given.

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