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Watch a Trailer of the Valkyria Chronicles 4 Crossover DLC

by Jose Belmonte


Sega has released a new trailer of the hotly-anticipated Valkyria Chronicles 4 in which they showcase the gameplay of the bonus content featuring the characters of the original game. In Japan that DLC will be included with all first-print copies of the game, and the special 10th Anniversary edition. The bonus content consists on two missions which then unlock the characters of the Squad 7 to use on the main story.

The first one is called Preemptive Special Tactics, and is played mostly with the characters of Valkyria Chronicles 4, but it does feature the appearance of Edy Nelson, the Shocktrooper girl from the original game with by far the most otaku hair of the cast. When you clear the mission, Edy becomes available as a unit for the main story.

The second mission is the most important of the DLC, as it features the main cast of Valkyria Chronicles, including Welking driving the Edelweiss, Rosie, Largo, Alicia, and for the first time in the series, Isara as a playable character, which here takes the role of a grenadier. The mission is appropriately called Joint Operation with Squad 7, and unlocks the mentioned character to use on the main game.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 launches in Japan on March 21 for PS4, while the Nintendo Switch version will arrive in the summer. It will be released for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One in North America and Europe this year. Watch the new trailer below.

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