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Twitch Announces Twitch Prime, Utilizes Existing Amazon Prime Membership

by Anthony Decicco


TwitchCon may have just ended, but what a way to end it. Announcing a partnership between Twitch and Amazon that may change the way you think about Twitch moving forward with Twitch Prime.

Twitch Prime will allow fans to utilize their Amazon Prime membership and earn the benefits of Twitch Turbo. Existing members who have Twitch Turbo and also a Prime membership can simply switch over and get refunded for a limited time. The announcement was made earlier today on their blog. Although this is just the tip of the iceberg, those unfamiliar with Amazon Prime and who wish to sign up which is $99 a year or $10 a month, will earn discounts on new and pre-order boxed titles, and all the benefits of Amazon Prime (access to their streaming service and music streaming services and free shipping on prime items) as well as additional benefits from the partnerships that Twitch has in their stable.

Right now that includes access to certain games and events such as the ongoing Hearthstone event that will allow Twitch Prime subscribers to earn a free character in the game, an exclusive Boss Ymir skin in SMITE, and the full download of Streamline with 24 pieces of exclusive Twitch gear for your character. Twitch has promised free loot every month with the Twitch Prime membership as well as a free channel subscription every 30 days. They also made sure to clarify that Twitch Turbo will still exist as it is a cheaper alternative for those who do not wish to have the benefits of Amazon Prime. A more detailed FAQ was released to clarify some questions fans had. Looks like that acquisition back in 2014 finally paid off.

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