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Some Ubisoft Games Experiencing Server Issues

by Damian Seeto


If you are playing an Ubisoft game like The Crew, the servers are currently having problems so don’t be too scared about this.

The Uplay Twitter page announced the following message:

“We are aware of the current connection issues effecting various Ubisoft services and preventing logins. This is being actively investigated.”

It might be the work of The Lizard Squad, but this is not 100 percent confirmed. They announced an attack on the EA servers earlier today, but not on Ubisoft. It could be them, but it might be another issue altogether.

The main problem with Ubisoft servers going out like this is that a game like The Crew becomes totally unplayable. The Crew is like Destiny and is an always-online video game. If the servers are down, the entire game is inaccessible.

Uplay appears to be down for quite a number of people, so this would affect quite a number of other games too. The issues don’t seem to be widespread at this point, but it’s still annoying for those affected.

On a slightly related note, I noticed I couldn’t log-in to the 2K servers while playing WWE 2K15 on Xbox One. This might be unrelated, but kind of sketchy as it’s happening around the same time as the Uplay problems.

Hopefully these issues sort themselves out. Still, gamers should be wary in December since The Lizard Squad plan to take down PSN and Xbox Live during the Christmas holidays.

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