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Ubisoft Outlines Future For Rainbow Six Siege for Season Two, Three & Four

by William Schwartz


Ubisoft is obviously committed to Rainbow Six: Siege and has outlined their plans for the game, and they go far beyond just releasing new Operators over time.  While fans looking at the short run for Rainbow Six might want new Operators more quickly, the team is currently working on keeping Rainbow Six: Siege healthy for the long term… don’t worry there are still Operators on the way though.

Apparently, Ubisoft is dedicating three months to improving the game’s health.  Like the previous “Operations,” they’re calling this one Operation Health, where they look to improve the game in a few key ways.  What this means for fans is they’ll ultimately have a better game, but it does push back the Hong Kong launch in the process.

Rainbow Six: Siege Season Two “Operation Health”

Ubisoft has outlined three key pillars for Operation Health and they include Technological Improvements, a New Deployment Process, and Bug Fixes.

On Technological Improvements, Ubisoft hopes to improve matchmaking for the game, making it simplified with a faster flow.  They’re looking to introduce a dedicated voice and party system, with less errors for players.  Finally, they’re looking to improve hit registration and shoot for higher tick rates.

Their New Deployment Process is going to waterfall from TTS (Test Server) to PC and then to Consoles.  Under Operation Health, Ubisoft will be able to rollback to previous updates more quickly if something breaks.

Bug fixes should be pretty self explanatory, but it appears Ubisoft will focus on bugs in smaller batches going forward.

Ok, so now that we know that Operation Health is taking the place of releasing new Operators for the game, the entire time table for dlc has been changed.  With Operation Health taking the place of Season Two, Season Three will now see the release of Hong Kong.  The Polish Operators will now be released with one in each Season 3 & 4.

Rainbow Six: Siege Season Three “Hong Kong” Release Date

Season Three (Hong Kong) will begin in August, and in it, players will get two SDU Operators + one GROM Operator, a new map, and new weapons.  The mid-season reinforcements will come in September.

Rainbow Six: Siege Season Four “Korea” Release Date

Season Four (Korea) will begin in November, and in that one, players will get two 707th SMB Operators + one GROM Operator, a new map, and new weapons.  The mid-season reinforcements for that season will come in December.

All in all it sounds like Rainbow Six players will still be getting all of their scheduled content (aside from one map), but the next three months will dedicated to fixing the game instead of pushing out DLC.

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