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Ubisoft Rolls Out Dedicated Servers for PS4 and Xbox One in For Honor on March 6th

by William Schwartz


Dedicated servers are getting ready to arrive on consoles in For Honor for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 beginning on March 6th.  After a maintenance period, players will be able to play on the new server infrastructure sometime after the 2:00 PM UTC downtime.

Ubisoft says that dedicated servers for the game will improve the matchmaking and overall online stability for a “better and smoother experience.”

Dedicated servers on consoles will eliminate resyncs and host migrations as well as improve match completion rates across all PvP modes.  The dedicated server environment comes alongside Season Five “Age of Wolves” in For Honor, which also introduces hero and fighting updates to game.

For Honor will see a 3-week special event in the game, in addition to new training modes.

While it’s been over a year since For Honor initially released, Ubisoft has been taking a proactive approach in trying to keep players engaged with the game.  Their seasonal content, updates, and additions are looking like they’re taking a page from Rainbow Six Siege in trying to extend the life of the game for players.

Look for the dedicated servers and their improvements to For Honor on consoles on March 6th.

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