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Warframe’s Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack is Live Now on PC

It's easier than ever to take to the stars and annihilate your foes.

by Brandon Adams


Warframe’s Railjack overhaul – Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack – has gone live on PC, to include all the fancy tweaks detailed in the last Dev Workshop. Players on PC will discover Railjack, the space-fighter portion of the game added in late 2019, is far easier to enjoy now that its systems have been properly married up with Warframe’s existing ecosystem.

Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack overhauls the titular gamemode, and contains the Zephyr Rework.

Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack, the official name of the update, contains not only a full rework and new content for Railjack, but the Zephyr Rework shown off in DevStream 151 as well. Per Digital Extremes’ COO Sheldon Carter concerning the reasoning behind the Railjack overhaul:

“We thought a lot about how to make Railjack better and more fun. Player feedback was very direct. You told us straight up, ‘give us more control and streamline the experience’ and this update is built with that input in every aspect.”

Fans on PC will find the overall grind to create their Railjack has been reduced, though they can freely purchase their ship off the Market for Platinum now if they so choose. Additionally, Avionics and Intrinsics have been revamped, with Avionics functioning much like our Warframe and Weapons mods (mods…mods never change).


While matchmaking has been improved, Tenno who prefer to fly solo can more easily do so in Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack. The long-gestating Command Intrinsic has finally been added to Warframe, alongside the ability to recruit AI crewmembers to man the turrets, put out the fires, and take care of all those other bothersome non-pilot tasks.

Perhaps the most impactful addition included in the Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack update is the ability to farm Arcanes via the extended Orphix mode (though fans will have to balance controlling their Railjack, Warframe, Operator, and Necramech in this challenging activity). Previously, you could only grab Arcanes from Eidolon hunts, so it’s nice to have an alternative after all these years.


Of course, the Corpus are front and center in this update, and in the new “Volatile” mission type players will, “. . .take on the ultimate challenge — to sabotage the biggest enemy threat, the Corpus Capital ship!” Yep, with the help of Cephalon Cy players will infiltrate a Corpus Capital ship, sabotage the reactor, then scuttle the whole thing – continuing our long-standing tradition of massacring hundreds of thousands of Corpus in a single-sitting.

Mix in the Zephyr Rework, which you can read more about here in our coverage of DevStream 151, and you have yourself a chunky Warframe update. Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack sets the stage for the next major Warframe update – Call of the Tempestarii – which will introduce the next Warframe, Sevagoth.

Console Warframe fans will have to wait until Call of the Tempestarii to get their hands on Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack, which should hopefully be just around the corner. PC fans can download the Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack update right now.

I planned to add a little initial impressions paragraph to this article, but I’m currently working out of a hotel where even the “premium” WiFi is hot garbage. I’ll get the update downloaded eventually, so keep an eye on our front page in the coming days to read what I think of the Railjack overhaul, alongside Zephyr’s rework.

Warframe is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the Nintendo Switch.

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