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Warframe’s Third Nightwave Series Has Finally Arrived

After a long wait Series 3 makes its debut.


Warframe’s Nightwave is a sort of Battle Pass for the game: you complete daily and weekly challenges to climb the reward ladder within a set amount of time. Problem is, there has been a nearly seven month lull between the end of Series 2 and today. Well, the intermission has come to a close: Nightwave: Series 3 – The Glassmaker has gone live in all versions of the game as of this morning. With it also comes the Railjack Revisted: Part 1 update for consoles, which fine-tuned Railjack into a more enjoyable experience.

Warframe’s third Nightwave series will task Tenno with helping DJ Nora Night track down the elusive Glassmaker murderer, who has been leaving corpses across the Sol system. Per the post shared on Warframe’s website: “After a string of mysterious murders, investigate the latest crime scene to stop a cryptic killer from striking again. Step into Nora’s crime-simula to witness the gruesome work of the Glassmaker. Check the shadows, search for clues and follow the trail of “glassed” bodies to crack the case… before it’s too late.”


Like the last two seasons there are 30 ranks to climb, each with a reward to earn. There’s a new earpiece for your Operator, a handful of mods, the Boolean Syandana, and a snazzy new landing craft skin tucked away within the rewards track. There are new daily and weekly challenges making their debut in Series 3, though players without a Railjack of their own can complete those challenges by joining another player’s crew. Also included in this update is the Ash Shroud Collection, but that is a bundle sold outside of Nightwave.

The update is live now on all platforms, and brings with it Railjack Revisted: Part 1 for all consoles (including the Nintendo Switch). That said, Digital Extremes advises Switch owners to move their Warframe data to an SD card if they haven’t already – this update brings Waframe’s total size to 20.3 GB, meaning it’s flirting with the consoles internal memory limit. Additional details can be found over on the launch page for the update here.

- This article was updated on:May 26th, 2020

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