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Watch the Final Japanese Trailer of The Lost Child

by Jose Belmonte


Kadokawa Games has shared the final trailer of The Lost Child before the game’s launch in Japan on August 24 for PS4 and PSVita. The video presents more clearly the story of this dungeon crawler that is based on the same universe as the critically-acclaimed El Shaddai. However, in contrast to its predecessor, The Lost Child features a modern-day Japanese setting and a completely different gameplay style.

The main hero of this entry is Hayato Ibuki, a journalist that is investigating a mysterious suicide in Tokyo. He is pushed by a mysterious black figure to the train tracks, only to be saved by a beautiful woman. She hands him a suitcase that contains a tool to enslave demons and fallen angels, whose abilities will be used by Hayato to continue his investigation.

The gameplay of The Lost Child is based on the dungeon crawler genre, with players fighting in turn-based battles seen in first person, and takes inspiration in the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona series. While the story connections with El Shaddai seem minimum on the surface, the return of some characters has been heavily hinted.

The Lost Child is releasing for PS4 and PSVita in Japan on August 24. Watch the trailer below.

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