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Weekly Japanese Hardware Sales: New 3DS Up, Everything Else Slips

by William Schwartz


The start of a new week brings the start of the weeks past Japanese video game hardware sales via Media Create. This time just about everything takes a dip, while the New Nintendo 3DS sees a fair raise in sales.

It can be argued if the rise in sales for the New Nintendo 3DS is due to interest for the hardware or if the platform is still riding the coat-tails of Smash Bros 3DS release. It can even be that the release of Pokemon: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire caused fans to hit two birds with one stone and pick up both at the same time. Either way the week of November 17th through November 23rd saw rise in both New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL hardware. The LL version saw a rise of 3,727 units while the regular New 3DS saw a much grander rise of 13,418 units.

As for everything else it was a down-trend with the exception of the Xbox 360 which saw a very small rise. The only other rise units all came from the 3DS family of hardware. It can all be attributed to Pokemon for sure as the single versions (not the double pack) sold a total of 1,327,671 so far in Japan. Check out the full list of hardware numbers below.

New 3DS LL: 42,184
New 3DS: 26,791
PlayStation 4: 12,430
3DS LL: 11,534
Vita: 10,236
Wii U: 9,615
3DS: 8,144
PlayStation 3: 4,324
Xbox One: 776
Vita TV: 621
Xbox 360: 100
PSP: 11

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