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Weekly Japanese Hardware Sales Show New Nintendo 3DS Taking Top Spot

by William Schwartz


Japan’s weekly sales numbers for November 3-9 are out now and it looks like despite being released in early October for Japan, the New Nintendo 3DS is still going strong taking the top spot.

The software is a bit all over the place but the top three titles are all Nintendo 3DS titles with Monster Hunter 4G and Super Smash Bros. 3DS being the most recognizable to western audiences. The weekly come in via Media Create and show that the New Nintendo 3DS is still gathering adopters with the New Nintendo 3DS LL selling 50,619. That’s up 8,986 from last week. The plain New Nintendo 3DS did well itself with 15,020 which is up 980 from last week. PlayStation 4 is up 1,172 at 10,078 but the PlayStation Vita is down at 9,874 which makes sense given the rise in the amount 3DS purchases.

The most surprising number here is the PlayStation Portable (PSP) which has managed to sell a whopping 25 units, which is actually down 25 units from the previous week. Check out the full set of hardware sales below.

New 3DS LL-50,619
New 3DS-15,020
PlayStation 4-10,078
Nintendo 3DS LL-9,083
PlayStation Vita-9,874
Wii U-4,787
PlayStation 3-4,666
Nintendo 3DS-4,495
Vita TV-678
Xbox One-513
Xbox 360-107

Check back next week for the hardware sales for November 10-17.

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