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When are Netflix and YouTube Coming to Nintendo Switch?

by Kyle Hanson


The Nintendo Switch is an amazing gaming machine, which is the main reason it was crowned the Best Console of 2017. However, while gaming is the main focus of a console, modern systems usually offer a lot more. Multimedia applications are, for many gamers, the main way that they use their consoles, and the Switch has been lacking these from the beginning. The absence has caused the system to feel pretty underdeveloped, but we’re told they are still coming. So when are Netflix and YouTube coming to Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately we still don’t know, but check back here for updates as announcements are made. There are some rumors going around with which we can speculate though. For one, as of this writing, it is early January 2018. Most people are expecting a new Nintendo Direct within the next couple of weeks, and here is the first big opportunity for Nintendo to announce the release date for Netflix and YouTube on Nintendo Switch.

We’ve heard from Netflix already that they’re basically ready to launch, so if this Direct goes through the release could be soon after, if not during the presentation. Of course, this assumes that Nintendo is ready for their console to be a multimedia device. There’s still no internet browser and many other key features have been delayed or abandoned. It could be that Nintendo is simply happy with the Switch’s performance and doesn’t want to mess with a good thing.

There’s also the specter of hacking looming over everything that Nintendo does. Their previous systems, including the Nintendo 3DS have had some security holes that were exploited to allow for piracy. Many of these used these third party and extraneous application to get their code into the machine. Nintendo might be waiting to launch these until it’s clear that the Switch isn’t hackable. Of course, this would be they would never release them, so likely they’re just waiting for the install base and game sales to rise a bit more.

When are Netflix and YouTube coming to Nintendo Switch? We still don’t know, but it does look like it could be soon. check back for updates.

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