WWE Immortals Has No Gender Segregation

by Damian Seeto

WWE Immortals for mobile devices allows female wrestlers to fight with male wrestlers.

This may not sound like anything new in the fighting game genre, but this is somewhat new for WWE video games. WWE stopped intergender fights a few years ago to be more line with its PG rating. This translated to the WWE video games too as players were no longer allowed to stage female vs male matches. Mixed tag-matches are still in the games, but males are disqualified if they lay a hand on a female.

WWE Immortals however scraps that as new gameplay shows the Bella Twins doing their special move on Sheamus. This could also hint that tag matches are available in the game, although this is not confirmed. It’s possible the Bella Twins are just added as one character. We won’t find this out until January 15th when the game is released.

WWE Immortals has been developed by NetherRealm Studios, and the game is set in a different world. The fantasy setting and developer may have been a reason why WWE allowed female vs male fights to be available. It’s not the flagship video game that represents the company’s values like WWE 2K15 or next year’s WWE 2K16.