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Xbox Boss Praises Naughty Dog For “Amazing Work” On Uncharted 4

by Mike Guarino


While Sony and Microsoft may be rivals when it comes to console gaming, that doesn’t mean that one can’t recognize when the other has done something pretty great. The latest case was with Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who praised the recently-released and critically-acclaimed Uncharted 4.

Spencer took to Twitter to shower praise on the game, where he congratulated both Naughty Dog and Sony president Shuhei Yoshida on the “amazing work” that was done on Uncharted 4.

It’s always good to see when we can put all of the console wars crap aside and just enjoy a great game when it comes out, regardless of what platform it happens to be on. Uncharted 4 has been loved by just about everyone, so it’s no surprise that even those who play for the other team would love it.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is available now exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Check out our glowing review for it by clicking right here.

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