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Xbox One enters production with a performance boost to CPU

| September 3, 2013

Xbox One enters production with a performance boost to CPU News  Xbox One

Phil Spencer announced today via Twitter that the Xbox One has entered in full production, and the console has seen a last-minute performance increase in the hardware CPU.  Spencer linked to the Geek Wire blog who revealed that Yusef Mehdi announced the performance boost at a Citi Global Technology Conference.

The performance increase applied to the CPU boosts the speed from 1.6 GHz to 1.75 GHz, which Medhi claims will make the Xbox One “shine” this fall.

Mehdi also claims that the Xbox One will be the biggest launch for Microsoft in terms of units shipped at launch.  This is the second time in so many months that we’ve heard the Xbox One getting a performance upgrade.  Last month, it was revealed that Microsoft was getting better clock speeds on the console.  Mehdi did not reveal whether this was in direct response to claims that the PlayStation 4 would be more powerful than the Xbox One.

With the console now in full-production, the only thing that’s left is for Microsoft to announce a release date for the console.

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  • Boz

    Too bad no one has benchmarking tools for these systems so we can put all the tough talks from Sony and MS to rest.

    • Facts First

      RIP PS4

      • Boz

        Yep, that’s you

  • GK15

    Again?? Jesus, lol! They seem like they’re driving a brand new corvette and just keep flooring it more down the highway.

    Alright, I guess if it’s got more juice left in the tank then why not. It is a big console and should have plenty of room left for heat dissipation. Plus the fact that it will switch to a lower power state if it gets too hot.

    This has got to be hands down the most tweaking of a product from reveal to launch that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. One thing no one can deny, they have made things interesting over the last few months. I would have rather they had their sh*t straight from the beginning, but whatever. As long as they deliver a good product in the end, it’s fine by me.

  • GK15

    Also, I’m assuming this will give better frame rates? Does anyone know how this will affect games/performance?

    • Brevs

      Processes will run faster.

      • GK15

        Meaning…. smoother game play?

    • EP1C

      Minimal Framerate boost, handle higher resolutions, and all processes will load and run better. That makes the GPU and CPU speeds faster then PS4 as of now.

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        does it actually make it faster? I know that the ps4 will run at a max of 2.75ghz but don’t think the clocked speed has been announced?

        • EP1C

          Yes, Last i heard PS4’s CPU was 1.6ghz, Do you have a link where is states 2.75ghz? (Don’t post AMD off-the-shelf link, these are custom, not retail versions)

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            I think we may be getting wires crossed slightly, 2.75ghz is the max clock of the CPU it’s not actually expected to be running at that.

            My point was the clock speed isn’t actually something sony has talked about saying it runs at 1.6ghz is pure speculation by journalists.

          • RafaelX

            I highly doubt it since they both use Jaguar X86 CPU’s. I read 1.6ghz for both (Until now) and the GPU’s are different as well, XBox One Has 853mhz and PS4 has 800mhz but more GPU cores to support a higher load if needed.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            read my comment again dude…….

        • jaskdavis

          That is the MAX clock speed as long as your Mother Board, Powersupply, GPU, drivers and RAM can support that. Given the PS4 and X1 use the exact same AMD CPU then I would highly doubt them to run that high or your electric bill will feel it and definitely put off some heat!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Oh i know, it won’t run anywhere near that, my point is that saying it runs at 1.6 on the ps4 is speculation it’s not something sony has commented on.

    • Boz

      What people fail to understand is that what you see on the screen, the GPU handles the rendering not cpu.

      Also RAM that’s optimized for bandwidth, can process graphics at a much higher rate

      As for the CPU is going to be responsible for doing the following in games:

      1) Tracking Objects – calculations of mobile objects in the game, such as NPCs.

      2) Hit detections – Along with those tracking, in offensive games, needs
      to approximate where some things will be hitting or if they will be
      hitting. With large data sets, such as multiple NPCs and yourself
      firing or doing actions, each action has to be taken into consideration
      and the resultant data.

      3) AIs – The game AIs, ranging from the NPCs to just the simple “door
      handling” has to be processed based on actions and also program
      responses to situations. AIs use State mannerisms and timing.

      4) Sound Processing – Regardless of the sound card, you still have a
      software converting a file’s digital data to output back out into sound.
      There are different data formats, and even in game cutscenes, you are
      no longer using CD/DVD analog tracks, you are now using pure digital
      data files to output sounds, including background music and ambient

      5) For Net Play – there is still going to be large data sets of
      information doing the above and passing back and forth as well as
      communicating to other machines, which puts even more of a burden on
      your system as it has to crunch some of that data and represent it to
      you and also respond back to that data and send it back out to the other

  • That One Guy

    I wonder how much more performance it get’s out of that. Anyone know?

    • DICE


  • Facts Romana

    It’s good to see that they’re not shackled to their previous hardware announcement, improvement is always welcome. However, this is a risky move in the recent light of their demo units overheating at PAX even with the old specs. Putting more power under the hood is just going to make things hotter. It’s a good thing they have plenty of time before the launch to smooth things out.

  • RafaelX

    8 cores @ 1.75 is straiigghhttt!

  • Whoz_john_Gualt

    Its good to see they are improving the hardware of the console. But to me it sends the wrong message. It sounds like ” we werent as prepared as we thought we were to kep up with sony and now we are racing to catch up and keep pace for launch near when they do.”

    If i were an xbox fanboi i would rather them just stop with announcing every little tweak they make. They should just fix everything that they are not satisfied with and do a rerelease of the console being what they want it to be.

    As of now it sounds like a halfassed console. Muchnlike the 360 as at luanch.

  • Sideways M2

    Xbone increasing GHz to fight losing battle with PS4.

    Sad really. (Remind you of anyone?)

    • Toto

      You remind me of a very sad person. lol

  • raine204

    possibly needed to run them extra controllers their saying it can handle..8 controllers….gotta process all those inputs simultaneously….dunno…..could be just smoke outa my ass…..but who knows

  • Allen

    Another performance boost? Must be more worried about PS4 superior power than I thoguht.

    • logik893

      TThe news are good period. no need for you to input a negative comment. unless you’re just bitter.

  • logik893

    It’s always good to hear that theconsole is improving. whether its to be a better system or just to try and keep ul with the competition, this is good regardless. this is good for us the consumer, because it shows thatboth companies are in it to win it. at the end of the day, its not who has the better console, its who enjoys it the most.

  • Body_landslide

    Woaah awesome but ms needs to be careful not to get another rrd pandemic at launch.

  • Jason

    Again, it seems like Microsoft is rushing their product to market; making last minute changes without, what would seem, a good period of time to run it through its paces. Let’s hope M$ is smarter this time around and we don’t see hardware failures.

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