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Xbox One enters production with a performance boost to CPU

by William Schwartz


Phil Spencer announced today via Twitter that the Xbox One has entered in full production, and the console has seen a last-minute performance increase in the hardware CPU.  Spencer linked to the Geek Wire blog who revealed that Yusef Mehdi announced the performance boost at a Citi Global Technology Conference.

The performance increase applied to the CPU boosts the speed from 1.6 GHz to 1.75 GHz, which Medhi claims will make the Xbox One “shine” this fall.

Mehdi also claims that the Xbox One will be the biggest launch for Microsoft in terms of units shipped at launch.  This is the second time in so many months that we’ve heard the Xbox One getting a performance upgrade.  Last month, it was revealed that Microsoft was getting better clock speeds on the console.  Mehdi did not reveal whether this was in direct response to claims that the PlayStation 4 would be more powerful than the Xbox One.

With the console now in full-production, the only thing that’s left is for Microsoft to announce a release date for the console.

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