Attack of the Fanboy

Xbox Live seeing problems with friends list and other features

by William Schwartz


Xbox Live is currently seeing a number of problems.  Users are reporting that friends list functionality and party chat are down at the moment, and the Xbox Live support page reflects these complaints.  Purchase and Content Usage is limited, Social and Gaming is limited, but Microsoft says that Xbox Live Core Services are up and running.

Just what’s at the root of the problem is anyone’s guess.  Xbox Support Twitter has acknowledged the issue, and claims to be working it out.

With recent arrests made to the hacking crew who took down Xbox Live over the Christmas holiday, many are asking Microsoft who’s to blame this time.  Gamers are rightfully disgusted at the latest outage, it seems like we can’t get through an entire week without either Xbox Live or PlayStation Network seeing some sort of major outage.

While this recent outage is nowhere near as bad as we saw at Christmas, players can still play games online.  If you’re looking to chat, party up with friends, or purchase some downloadable content, you’re gonna have to wait until Microsoft gets things sorted out.

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