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Xbox One Continues to Struggle in Japan While PS4 Improves

by Kyle Hanson


We all know about the disastrous launch of the Xbox One in Japan, which saw little to no lines and very few sales. With today’s new numbers from Media Create, as reported by Nintendo Everything, it looks like Microsoft’s woes have continued there. From the report it seems that the Xbox One is barely selling over 1,000 units each week, which puts it well behind other consoles including the Wii U, original 3DS, and PS3.

This is in contrast to the PS4 which saw sales problems earlier, but has since had a bit of a turn around. While sales still aren’t what Sony would like them to be, they are at least hitting around and sometimes above the competition. The PS4 outsold the Wii U last week by only three units with 8,939 before dropping back below it with just over 8,000 units sold this week. This is at least better than the console was doing in the past since it is now outselling the PS3 fairly regularly.

The full numbers for each week are below:


  • 3DS LL – 22,988
  • Vita – 15,739
  • Wii U – 9,950
  • PS4 – 8,033
  • 3DS – 7,451
  • PS3 – 6,026
  • Xbox One – 1,113
  • Vita TV – 977
  • Xbox 360 – 143
  • PSP – 102


  • 3DS LL – 35,622
  • Vita – 11,148
  • PS4 – 8,939
  • Wii U – 8,396
  • 3DS – 7,970
  • PS3 – 6,078
  • Xbox One – 1,314
  • Vita TV – 709
  • Xbox 360 – 103
  • PSP – 99

Of course, the biggest way to affect sales directly is to get some great games into the market. With Japan friendly titles like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U coming Nintendo should have good sales through the rest of the year. The question is whether Sony or Microsoft can do the same. While Halo: The Master Chief Collection should push sales in the US, the franchise isn’t as big in Japan. Microsoft will need to get something else out for the holidays if they want to improve.

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