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Xbox One Outsold PS4, but Switch Took Top Spot for December says Greenberg

by Kyle Hanson


NPD data for December 2017 isn’t out in the wild just yet, but a new set of tweets from Xbox’s head of Marketing Aaron Greenberg gave us the top selling console order, at least. While the Xbox One didn’t take top honors, they did beat out their chief rival, the PS4.

“Thank you to everyone who helped support Xbox One this holiday, NPD just reported our highest Xbox One December console share ever, looking forward to a big 2018,” said Greenberg.

A fan then asked if Xbox One was the top seller, to which Greenberg responded, “Was trying to just thank folks for supporting us and the incredible success following the launch of Xbox One X. But yes Xbox outsold PS4 in December for Gen 8 consoles according to NPD data, while Nintendo also had a great month as Switch had most overall units.”

It’s not too surprising to see this order, given the fact that the Switch is a brand new console, and a highly sought after one at that. The Xbox One beating out the PS4 might surprise many, as the PS4 is still the best selling console this generation, so far. However, the Xbox One X had just launched in November, and Microsoft usually does very well during the US holidays.

We’ll have to wait for the official NPD release to know more, including software sales, so check back for those soon.

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