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Xenoblade 2 Officially Announced For Nintendo Switch

by Dean James


Xenoblade Chronicles released back on the Nintendo Wii and received much critical praise in Japan, with it eventually receiving a relatively small release localization in the US, which made the game rare. The game was eventually released for the New Nintendo 3DS and on the Wii U eShop, and now it has been revealed that the game is getting a sequel.

While the logo only called it Xenoblade 2, the English translator referred to it as Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so it appears to be a direct sequel of some sort. We already got the very different Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U, but this must take up from the original, as can be seen from not just the title, but the signature Monado weapon that Shulk wielded in the original.

Monolith Soft is of course returning to develop this title, so we have much faith in this being just as good as the first two Xenoblade games. This one likely is not coming anytime soon though as they didn’t mention any release window.

It would be really nice to see more of Xenoblade 2 during tomorrow’s Nintendo Treehouse Live, but I have a feeling we’ll get very little compared to the other games that are coming much sooner.

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