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Yakuza 6 PS4 Has No Loading Screens, But PS3 Version Does

by Mike Guarino


Coming off of the fantastic Yakuza 5 there is a lot of pressure on Yakuza 6 to reach that same level of quality, and so far what we have seen has looked very promising. However, it seems that the game will be getting a major technical improvement, at least on PlayStation 4.

The game’s developer Toshihiro Nagoshi recently spoke about Yakuza 6, revealing that there will be no loading screens at all when travelling across the game’s various locations and engaging in the various quests. He said the following:

“We’ve worked hard to make this game completely seamless. You can engage in the central adventure, get into battles, watch drama scenes, and go back to the adventure, all without any loading screens. Go into any building or any room or any floor without loading.”

Unfortunately, those who will be picking up the game on PlayStation 3 will be dealing with loading screens, though it remains to be seen to what extent. If it’s like Yakuza 5, then it will probably be when entering/exiting buildings and going to new locations.

Yakuza 6 is set to launch on December 8th in Japan, though a release in other regions has not yet been confirmed.

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