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Yo-Kai Watch 2 Will Launch In The US This September

by Mike Guarino


The next game in the popular Yo-Kai Watch series is set to finally get a release outside of Japan, with Yo-Kai Watch 2 heading to the US this September. The game has been available for purchase in Japan for over 2 years now, though it will see its launch stateside on September 30th.

In a similar fashion to the Pokemon series, there will be two different versions of Yo-Kai Watch 2 that will be released: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls. What makes each version of the game unique is that they each include a rare Yo-Kai that can only be found in one of the games.

Here’s what Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales & marketing, Scott Moffitt said about the game:

“After being such a massive sensation in Japan, it’s great to see the U.S. start to embrace the mischievous and lovable Yo-kai. We’re excited to continue bringing fun Yo-kai experiences stateside this year.”

Interestingly, the game’s launch date is the same as Final Fantasy 15, which is set to be one of the biggest games of 2016. The series is developed by Level-5 and is currently only available on the Nintendo 3DS, and you can check out our review of the first game by clicking right here.

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