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You Can Get GTA V for Free, Whenever Epic Games Store isn’t Down

500 errors and more block you from free Grand Theft Auto V

by Kyle Hanson


The rumors were true and GTA V is the latest game to go completely free on Epic Games Store. The digital PC storefront has been giving away free stuff to members since it launched, but this is by far the biggest entry on that list. Many had suspected this was coming, but it almost seemed unbelievable given how well Grand Theft Auto V continues to sell to this day, and how high the price has remained on other platforms, including Steam. But here we are, and you can add the game to your collection right now. Or at least, you could if Epic Games Store wasn’t completely down due to the high traffic.

Epic Games Store went down almost immediately upon GTA V going free, showing how high the interest was in this release. They have acknowledged the issues, which include 500 errors and other symptoms of poor connection. Personally, I can’t get the launcher to load at all, even though I set up 2 factor authentication yeaterday just in case there were issues today. I’ll have to wait a bit longer for the service to come back online though, it seems.

Thankfully, even if you have to wait you have plenty of time. GTA V will be free on Epic Games Store until May 21st, so you have a full week to add it to your library. And once it’s there, it’s there forever. This isn’t like Games with Gold or PS Plus free games that require you to maintain a subscription. Once you get through the store buying process GTA V will be in your Epic library forever. So just be patient and keep checking throughout the day. It’s certainly worth it to snag a free copy of one of the best games out there. Now maybe we can really start speculating on when GTA VI will hit.

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